New Generation School for rural pupils

  • 02 September 21

ChildFund worked in a remote community in Svay Rieng to build a ‘New Generation School’, a first-of-its-kind, quality-oriented school management approach.

The school itself was upgraded with glass windows, fans, painted walls, child-friendly decorations, projectors, laptops, laboratory area and a garden. This is part of ensuring that pupils learn and play in a safe and welcoming environment.

Primary school students were able to access the internet for research projects. The new curriculum included a variety of laboratory work, group work, sports, and student-centered teaching methods.

The school collected an annual fee from high-income families to help pay for state teacher salaries and school operations. This allowed all children in the community to attend the school.

Chek and her mother, Khom

“From grade one to three, I was always in first place, but when I arrived at New Generation School, I was in second place in grade four. It’s not simple to achieve first place at New Generation School since there are so many exceptional students,” said Chek, 14 (shown above), a grade six girl who has attended the school for three years.

Chek’s mother, Khom, was willing to pay the annual school tuition because she was impressed with the school. “I am not wealthy, but I will set aside funds for my daughter’s school fees, since I do not want her to transfer because this school is exceptional in my community. I am confident that the school will provide a bright future for my daughter and my entire family.”