Thanks to Korean sponsors for sharing the beautiful face masks

  • 22 February 21
  • by ChildFund Cambodia

More than 50 face masks were shared by Korean sponsors to their sponsored child during the pandemic and many more will be shared to those children in remoted areas of Cambodia.

Mao Sonita, 11 years old

“I am happy to receive the mask from my sponsor as I won’t need to buy it any more. (12 masks cost around 2 US$). I want to thank my sponsor and wish him good health and stay safe from Covid-19.”

Sokhon, 44 years old, Sonita’s mother

“I am so grateful with the mask given. It would save me money not to buy mask from the market as I can wash and reuse this fabric and beautiful mask with my daughter.”

Sok Veasna, 15 years old

“I am so happy to receive these masks as they would protect me to stay safe and healthy. I need just wash my hand regularly and with these masks, I would stay safe from scary Covid-19.”

Mom Manil, 16 years old

“I am happy with these fabric masks as they are more comfortable to wear than normal mask and not itching. I would like to wish my sponsor good health, long age, and happiness.”

Nuon Saran, 17 years old

“It would keep me safe at work as there are many worker at the animal feed factory. I dropped out of school at grade 9 to work there as my family could not afford me to high school.”

Eng Vichika Puth Mongkul, 14 years old

“The mask looks beautiful. I love it. I would share some to my sister and my mother so that we could stay safe from Covid-19.”

Srey Sam Aun, 15 years old

“I would wear these masks as they are easier and more comfortable to wear. I had never wear masks so far as it’s hard to have mask on. But now I would wear these beautiful masks.”